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Architecture Company in Thiruvanmiyur

Cibi+Simeon Designs exemplifies creativity, accuracy, and dedication to client pleasure. Being a top architecture company in Thiruvanmiyur, we set ourselves apart with various experiences and unique values. We combine our years of experience with cutting-edge concepts to deliver unmatched services and contemporary designs. Our most noteworthy achievements are the villas, industrial parks, and multipurpose apartment buildings. Our group sacrificed much to accomplish every goal and make a big difference. We provide our clients with time and money as the priority, unlike other architectural firms. We carefully consider our clients’ ideas and financial constraints to have a positive ripple impact on them. 

Areas of expertise for our architectural firm: 

Modern Design Excellence: 

Our architects produce modern designs that combine sustainability, use, and beauty skillfully henceforth every project reflects our dedication to creating inspiring environments by pushing the boundaries of traditional design. 

Residential Marvels: 

Our architectural firm specializes in creating residential spaces that meet our clients’ many demands and tastes, from opulent homes to intelligent and space-efficient homes, simultaneously we are committed to making aspirations concrete and livable.

Commercial Innovations: 

One of our main specialties is turning commercial premises into inventive and practical settings, and so Our architects are skilled in the dynamics of commercial architecture and design environments that improve teamwork, productivity, and brand identification.

Urban Planning and Development: 

We actively participate in urban planning initiatives and thoroughly understand urban dynamics, moreover by constructing surroundings that complement the city’s expansion, our team aims to support Thiruvanmiyur’s sustainable development and that of other areas.

Services that our architecture company provides in Thiruvanmiyur

Architectural Design: 

Architectural design is our primary offering at the intersection of creativity and functionality, since our area of expertise is in the conception and visualization of designs that perfectly encapsulate our clients’ ideas.

Interior Design:  

We are experts in interior design, which elevates the aesthetic appeal and practicality of areas beyond the outside. Our team creates interiors that blend with the overall architectural plan for residential and commercial fit-outs. 

Project Management: 

Every project is carried out flawlessly thanks to our end-to-end project management services. From planning and design to overseeing construction and completing delivery, we precisely and efficiently manage the entire process.

 Consultation and Advisory: 

We provide professional guidance on architectural and design-related issues as part of our consultation services. Regardless of the project type—renovation or new construction—our staff is prepared to assist clients at every stage.

Why Opt for Cibi+Simeon Designs? 

Local Knowledge with a Global Perspective:

With our roots in Thiruvanmiyur, we offer a profound comprehension of regional dynamics and culture. On the other hand, our worldwide perspective guarantees that our designs are modern, progressive, and applicable worldwide. 

Client-Centric Approach: 

Our success is based on our client-centric approach. We support open communication, proactive teamwork, and an awareness of the particular requirements of every client. Our top priority is your vision.

Creative Technology Integration: 

Before construction starts, we give our clients a thorough and immersive understanding of their projects by utilizing state-of-the-art technology like BIM and virtual reality simulations.

Advantages of Choosing Our Architecture company in Thiruvanmiyur

Exceptional Design Quality: 

As a result of our commitment to excellence in design, every project we work on achieves environments that are aesthetically pleasing and useful simultaneously. 

Timely Project Delivery: 

A committed team and our effective project management techniques ensure work is completed on time and within budget.

Environmentally and sustainably conscious designs: 

We are proud to emphasize environmentally and sustainably conscious design methods, utilizing eco-friendly materials and energy-saving techniques in our projects.

Core Values of Cibi+Simeon Designs 

The following fundamental principles are the cornerstone of our company’s ethos and provide the standard for all our professional activities in the architectural industry. 


The core of our company’s identity is integrity. We operate in every aspect of our business under the strictest moral criteria. Non-negotiable principles of transparency, honesty, and responsibility govern our relationships with clients, coworkers, and stakeholders. Integrity is our top priority since it cultivates a culture of trust and dependability, which are necessary for building long-lasting relationships with our clients.


The essence of our architectural pursuits is innovation. We welcome creativity as the engine that pushes us over the boundaries of traditional design. We are aware of the continuous changes in the built environment; thus, we put the envelope on the cutting edge, investigate novel ideas, and look for creative solutions. Our dedication to innovation guarantees that our designs are both visually beautiful and helpful, and they also demonstrate a forward-thinking attitude that considers the needs of the future. 

Customer satisfaction:

Our customers are the center of our business. We have an unrelenting commitment to their achievement and well-being. Our top priorities from the first meeting until the project is completed are open communication, active listening, and a thorough comprehension of our client’s goals. We see every project as a joint venture, and the excellence of our designs and the smooth completion of projects testify to our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients. 

Team Collaboration: 

We promote a collaborative and inclusive work atmosphere because we understand the power of working together. Combining our team’s varied skills and viewpoints improves our problem-solving ability and also sparks creativity. Not only is productive teamwork encouraged, but it is ingrained in our workplace culture. We cultivate an atmosphere conducive to creativity, and problems are solved with collective intelligence when we value each team member’s input. 


For our business, sustainability is more than just a catchphrase; it’s a guiding concept that informs our approach to design. We are dedicated to environmental consciousness and sustainable design concepts due to this commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our initiatives goes above and beyond simply abiding by the law. We seamlessly incorporate sustainability into our projects, benefiting the earth and clients, from material selection to energy-efficient design solutions.

Our architectural company sets itself apart from the competition by upholding these essential principles. We are committed collaborators in designing environments that meet practical needs and are consistent with integrity, creativity, customer happiness, teamwork, and sustainability. These principles direct our current activities and set the stage for the future when the built environment and the people we serve will benefit significantly from our architectural contributions. 

We, Cibi+Simeon Designs, the leading architecture company in Thiruvanmiyur that prioritizes sustainability, excellence, and customer happiness, cordially encourage you to work with us to create architectural solutions that exceed your expectations.



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