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CIBI+SIMEON DESIGNS has a competent engineering team that offers full support to the interior design and architectural services that we offer. As one of the Top Architectural Firms in Chennai, our complete building solutions include all three components that make use of the combined skills, experience, latest software tools and research-backed methods to design the most efficient and robust structures that comply with all building rules and regulations.

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In building design, air conditioning components and mechanical ventilation systems are critical components because every building thrives on optimal levels of temperature and humidity and a healthy indoor environment to avoid any health risks. Detailed calculations and careful consideration of all aspects like building size, capacity and energy consumption must be taken into account while creating engineering plans for your building projects.

Engineers will typically use information collected about equipment like boilers, fans, chillers, air handlers, duct size, piping and more to come up with efficient designs for circulation of fresh air and removal of stale air for maintaining air quality balance.

Environment-friendly practices and sustainability are the need of the hour and the use of alternative energy systems are necessary for any business’s environmentally sustainable practices.  Engineers carefully assess the building to identify measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing dependence on green and renewable energy sources like wind, hydro, and solar power. The energy storage and distribution capacity of the building also has to be taken into account. When successfully implemented, apart from reducing carbon footprint, renewable energy can also cut down on electricity costs.

The proper installation and functioning of electrical systems is important and engineers look into the effective operation by checking high-side and low-side circuits. High-side and low-side circuits are connected to the high and low side of the voltage respectively. High-side circuits are used in power distribution and for controlling motors while low-side circuits are used for sensing and control. The integration of UPS systems for emergency power is also important to tackle power outages.

Plumbing systems transport water and gas to the buildings and an engineer uses the principles of fluid mechanics and materials science to plan the best plumbing system that also coordinates with the building design. Efficient integration of plumbing with other building components is necessary for energy-efficient operations and low risk of leaks or other issues.

Fire protection and safety systems should be a part of every building and engineering plans take that into consideration during design to comply with safety regulations and protect against accidental fires. Fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and automatic sprinklers are some of the components recommended to enhance safety of the building along with clear evacuation plans and emergency exits.

Any building engineering architecture should focus on protecting the people as well as the assets by integrating various security measures. From surveillance cameras on the premises to perimeter security, there are many security measures to consider after evaluation of the building’s vulnerabilities and proximity to unsafe environments. A robust security system can protect against a wide range of threats and natural disasters and should be an integral part of a building architectural design plan.

Building management system is a vital component of modern buildings and are integrate with different components of the buildings like lighting, security and fire safety. A centralized management scheme to control all these systems improves safety and also enable real-time monitoring to identify problems and address them in a timely manner. Building management can be effectively handled by Architectural Engineering Consultants with the help of hardware, software, and a range of communication technologies for monitoring and alerts.

As one of the Leading Structural Engineering Consultants in Chennai , Tamil Nadu, we provide a range of construction solutions. The designers, architects, and engineers work in cohesion to offer engineering architectural solutions that are not only cost-effective but also designed to offer an optimal cost benefit ratio in the long run. You can hire Top Structural Consultants at affordable cost and with the assurance of timely completion. Get in touch with us and we will assist you from start to end.

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Whether you need engineering services from expert Structural Engineering Consultants or have any other design and engineering project in mind, we can help you come up with the best design structures. Our experience and reputation has helped us rank one among the Best Structural Engineering Consultants in Chennai , Tamil Nadu. We offer the best engineering solutions as well as Interior Design and architectural planning. Just give us a call and we will guide you through the process and offer the best architectural engineering services.

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