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Welcome to Cibi+Simeon Designs - The Best Architectural Designer in Velachery


Founded in 2016, Cibi+Simeon Designs is a group of passionate architects. Moreover, our design language is minimalism and functionality, and we firmly think that any given space can be effectively built with a thoughtful consideration of both design and functionality. Additionally, we have the expertise to design and build various projects with attention to detail and promptly complete tasks without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, at C&S, the best architectural designer in Velachery, we’re constantly trying to learn new skills and philosophies and working creatively in teams to explore.

Architectural Company in Saidapet

Team & Strength of our architecture company

With the help of improved technological adaption, a group of passionate and aspirational designers at Cibi+Simeon Designs work tirelessly to learn, adapt, and progress in trendy architecture, bringing joy to numerous families and businesses alike. Additionally, the team continuously improves its abilities by adjusting to the newest technological advancements to create cutting-edge environments while controlling costs.

Key Strengths of Our Architectural Firm

Expertise Across Disciplines:

Our team brings expertise across architectural disciplines, from sustainable design to cutting-edge technology integration. Moreover, this breadth allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions customized to meet each project’s requirements.

Innovative Design Thinking:

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. Additionally, we take a novel approach to every project, embracing innovative design thinking beyond conventional boundaries. This ensures that our creations meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Client-Centric Approach:

Understanding the specific goals and aspirations of our clients is paramount. Additionally, we pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication, fostering collaboration, and adapting our approach to align with each client’s unique requirements.

Technical Excellence:

Precision and technical excellence are embedded in our DNA. Furthermore, from concept to execution, our team leverages the latest advancements in technology and methodology to ensure that every project is aesthetically remarkable, structurally sound, and functionally efficient.

Commitment to Sustainability:

As custodians of the constructed surroundings, we are dedicated to sustainable methodologies. Additionally, our team incorporates eco-friendly design ideas into every project to reduce environmental effects and maximize energy efficiency.

Project Management Prowess:

Timely and efficient project delivery is a testament to our robust project management capabilities. Additionally, we adhere to rigorous timelines and budgets, ensuring our clients’ visions become reality without compromising quality.

Services Offered by Our Architectural Designer in Velachery

Our architecture firm provide a broad spectrum of services that span from conceptualization to the realization of built environments. Moreover, these services are meticulously crafted to meet clients' diverse needs, addressing aesthetic aspirations and practical functionality.

At the core of an architecture company’s offerings lies architectural design. Additionally, this encompasses creating plans and drawings that serve as the blueprint for construction. Architects employ a combination of artistic flair and technical precision to design visually captivating and structurally sound spaces.

Beyond the external aesthetics, we often extend our expertise to interior design. Additionally, this involves the thoughtful arrangement of spaces, selection of materials, and consideration of lighting and color schemes to create visually appealing environments that are conducive to the intended use.

Many modern architecture firms prioritize sustainability. Additionally, sustainable design integrates eco-friendly practices and materials to minimize environmental impact. This includes energy-efficient building systems, green roofs, and renewable resources.

Before starting a project, we carry out feasibility analyses. Additionally, this involves assessing a project’s viability, considering factors like budget constraints, regulatory requirements, and potential challenges.

Efficient project management is imperative for the successful execution of architectural projects. Moreover, the architectural firm often offers project management services, overseeing timelines and budgets and coordinating various stakeholders involved in the construction process.

We are involved in new construction and restoring and renovating existing structures. Additionally, this includes preserving historical buildings, upgrading outdated facilities, and breathing new life into older spaces.

Our Projects

Specifications of the architectural firm

Specifications outline the construction materials, from the type of bricks to the flooring finish. Hence, this ensures consistency in quality and appearance, aligning with the overall design intent.

The structural specifications detail the load-bearing capacities, foundation requirements, and other engineering aspects essential for the stability and safety of the structure.

We, the architecture company, provide detailed specifications for MEP systems, covering everything from electrical wiring and plumbing layouts to air conditioning, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) systems.

Specifications include accessibility considerations and ensuring that buildings abide by laws.

Quality control is paramount in construction. Hence, the specifications we follow set forth the standards for workmanship and quality, ensuring that the final product meets or exceeds industry benchmarks.

With the growing emphasis on sustainability, specifications may include guidelines for incorporating green building practices, energy-efficient systems, and environmentally friendly materials.

Crafting Tomorrow’s Landscapes Today

Cibi + Simeon Designs, the top architectural and designing firm in Velachery is the built environment’s artisans, shaping how you live, work, and interact with your surroundings. Basically, our services encompass a broad spectrum, from the conceptualization of awe-inspiring designs to the meticulous execution of construction projects. Moreover, the specifications we provide ensure that every detail is considered, and the project works they undertake stand as tangible testaments to their creative vision and technical expertise.


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