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Industrial Architects in Chennai

Industrial architectural design is an important section in the building and construction industry. CIBI+SIMEON has a team of the best designers, architects and engineers to undertake the planning and construction of a manufacturing unit or a factory. From discussion to site analysis, planning to execution, and a clear knowledge of all the rules and regulations involved in constructing industrial facilities, you are in the best hands when you choose us for your project.

Industrial Architects | Industrial Architectural Design

Commercial building

Best Industrial Architects in Chennai for Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing centers as large centers for production, assembly, and packaging of various goods needs the expert plans of experienced Industrial Architects in Chennai to ensure maximum productivity. From assembly lines to inspection areas and loading docks, there are several factors to take into consideration before planning the right architectural design for one.

Commercial Construction

The design focusses heavily on best use of space to accommodate all the machinery and safe pathways for workers to move around.

Research and Development Centers

Sustainable Architecture

As one of the top Architectural Firms in Chennai, we have experience handling industrial projects. Your search for experienced and trusted industrial architecture designer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, ends here. We design and construct R&D centers for different industries like pharma, software, food products, textiles and more. The design aspects of research facilities will vary depending on the industry and would need the right planning to include testing areas, laboratory, prototype testing station and other amenities at strategic points across the allotted area.

Factories and Warehouse Operations

With our experienced team of Architectural Designers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, you can expect the best design for your factory, warehouse or packing and distribution facility. Storage and mass production are the main focus of such buildings and our architectural design would reflect on providing maximum utility and safety for the workers and operators. Based on the requirement, the design plans would include cooling towers, boilers, turbines, mezzanine levels, refrigeration area and more. We pride ourselves as the finest Industrial Architects in Chennai, capable of completing any project exactly matching your requirements.

Recycling Plants and Waste Management Facilities

Are you looking for an experienced Industrial Architecture Designer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to handle your project? Then, you are in the right place. Our industrial architectural design goes beyond constructing buildings and warehouses and extend even to designing efficient recycling plants and waste treatment facilities, based on modern standards and using the best technology available in the city.

Building Safety and Security Aspects

Irrespective of the size, scale or type of industrial project we undertake, we ensure that the building safety and security aspects are addressed. The architectural design of any industrial building should be a safe place for workers to operate and handle various processes. Apart from the general safety aspects that are common to all industrial facilities, we also take into consideration the specific requirements like safe disposal, sterilization zones, emergency exits and security alarms to ensure that the building is in complete adherence to all safety regulatory standards. Let us help you design the right manufacturing and warehouse facilities you need to improve your productivity with sustainable features and safety standards incorporated wherever possible.