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Hospitality Architects in Chennai

Outlining a plan that captures the essence of a hospitality brand and brings out the best from paper on the site can be challenge – but it is one that our team handle with ease. For hotels, resorts, and other buildings in the hospitality sector, you can benefit from the designs offered by one of the leading architectural design company in Chennai. With expertise in constructing different projects, CIBI+SIMEON DESIGNS excels in the planning and construction of different hospitality projects.

Best Hospitality Architects in Chennai for Hotels

Hotels are the most important aspect of hospitality industry and one in a location close to tourist spots is bound to get good footfall from visitors throughout the year. Constructing a hotel requires meticulous planning on different aspects like reception and portico area, main dining area and buffet section, rooms and suites of different sizes and facilities, conference rooms, meeting halls and parking areas. To achieve the best design to accommodate casual and business guests, you need expert guidance and plans designed by experience Hospitality Architects in Chennai.

Complete Architectural Plans for Resorts

Resorts are popular spots for people who wish to take a brief retreat from the busy day-to-day life. A resort is specifically designed to exude a sense of relaxation, comfort and luxury. Since most resorts are based in scenic locations like hills or plantations, an important architectural aspect is to seamlessly blend elements of nature with the modern structure and amenities for an overall pleasant ambience. With the plans from the Best Architects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, you can make your dream resort idea come to fruition.

Small Cafes to Large Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants may be smaller in scale compared to hotels and resorts, but they involve several detailed architectural considerations to ensure that visitors feel comfortable and entertained from the moment they step in. From seating arrangements to placement of lights and interior design, our hospitality Architecture Design in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, can take care of everything from planning to execution for an ambient stylish café or an elegant, tastefully decorated restaurant.

Outstanding Design Concepts for Different Hospitality Projects

Apart from hotels, restaurants and cafes, we also specialize in constructing casinos, spas, wellness centers, gaming arenas, conference and banquet halls, wedding avenues and a host of other buildings designed to entertain or promote relaxation and wellness for different people. From creative landscaping to designing special facilities, our Hospitality Architects in Chennai will attend to all aspects of construction from start to finish.

We take pride in being a versatile Architectural Design Company in Chennai, with the potential to complete your dream project within budget and timeline and satisfy you with the stunning features. We can use sustainable materials and the guidance from our expert team to formulate masterful blueprints to make the best use of any space and fulfill requirement for a variety of amenities and facilities for the customers and employees. Our completed projects always speak about our reputation better than words and we always strive to show our capabilities with attention to detail, skills, and using the right team and labor force to fulfill it.