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Commercial Architects in Chennai

A well-designed commercial building or office complex reflects on the success and efficiency of the businesses that use it. It is not only a comfortable and aesthetic space for the employees and business owners, but also a source of pleasant ambience for the visitors and clients. Our company ranks among the trusted Architectural Firms in Chennai for commercial projects and can handle commercial construction projects of all sizes.

The Best Commercial Architects in Chennai

We at CIBI+SIMEON DESIGNS understand the importance of taking care of the architectural aspects of a commercial building structure. With a team of Commercial Architects in Chennai who know the ins and outs of every aspect of an office construction project, a retail supermarket or a hospital, you can expect the best results backed by years of experience. If you are looking for Commercial Architecture Designer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, you have come to the right place.

Architecture Design for Compact and Large Office Complexes

We design architectural elements suited for different business types, whether it needs to be designed for a small team or for hundreds of employees. Our team of Commercial Architects in Chennai understand your exact requirements, including conference rooms, lounge area, reception, utility rooms, restrooms, recreation spaces and more. We translate our meticulous plans into aesthetic architectural structures that offer cost savings, contemporary design, a range of utilities and space-saving design to maximize value for your investment.

Architectural Designers in Chennai

Backed by the experience of our team of Commercial Architects in Chennai, we have handled all constructions after careful assessment of local regulations, location, structural considerations, height, colour and elevation, parking space and other open space areas and set of other factors that determines the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the building and its design elements to reflect the core values of a company or set of businesses.

Factories, Warehouses and Industrial Structures


Among Architects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, we stand out as a team that offers commercial architecture design services with focus on outstanding quality of construction and unique plans for any type of factory or warehouse required. Whether the requirement is for a warehouse with maximum space utilization or a factory building with enhanced ventilation and recycling facilities, we undertake construction of world-class standards taking inspiration from iconic commercial buildings.

Mixed-use Commercial Projects

Like in many other cities, in Chennai also, there has been a rise in the demand for commercial building spaces that not only meet business requirements but also includes retail and residential units along with offices in the same complex. The aim is to create a vibrant environment that offers different amenities in one place.

Commercial building

Each project has its own design considerations and special requirements. With our expertise, we can design a building space that perfectly matches your requirements. Your search for a Commercial Architecture Designer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu ends here. We undertake construction of commercial buildings with innovative architectural design using the talent, skill and experience rendered by our team of architects, engineers and designers.