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Apartments Architects in Chennai

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As a reputed business with a set of talented Apartments Architects in Chennai, we excel at designing apartments with the best-in-class design elements and utilities to make the spaces a source of delight for all the occupants. Choose CIBI+SIMEON DESIGNS to survey, plan, design and execute apartment projects for offering lasting value and sturdy construction to all customers.

Architects in Chennai

Cibi+Simeon Designs

Vaastu-Fulfilled Apartment Spaces

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Many prospective home buyers look for apartments that are not only elegant and well-ventilated, but also fulfill various Vaastu aspects like the direction of entrance, location of cooking area in kitchen, etc. As one of the Leading Architecture Firms in Chennai, we keep in mind the need to fulfill the Vaastu requirements sought after by people and incorporate them as a part of most or all apartment projects we undertake.

Courtyard and Portico Designs From the Best Apartment Architects in Chennai

Many modern high-end apartment complexes feature a courtyard type open space with areas open to the sky for excellent ventilation and natural light during day time. Porticos and verandahs can add additional charm to apartments. We understand the most important consideration while planning apartments; the need to avoid clutter. That is why our team of Architects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, pay attention to ensure that the common areas and the built-up areas make the best use of space.

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Modular Kitchens and Balcony Utility Areas

Modular kitchens are fast becoming the norm in many modern apartments, replacing the traditional model. These kitchens equipped with chimneys and provisions for ovens and other appliances offer the dual advantage of stylish appearance as well as convenience. These kitchens are often paired with balcony space or utility area for cleaning and washing purposes and as an additional source of ventilation.

Let our team of Apartments Architects in Chennai show you how to maximize efficiency in your apartment while offering trendy spaces to delight the residents and visitors.

Green Buildings and Sustainable Solutions

Gone are the days when sustainable features in a home or apartment complex was merely an afterthought. These days, customers and real estate developers take sustainability seriously. From efficient rain water harvesting provisions and solar panels to using specific construction components to reduce heat, we use a variety of features to offer you comfort and convenience for decades. Landscaped gardens and planted trees add beauty and a touch of ‘green’ to an apartment complex. As any Industrial Architecture Designer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, will recommend, use of locally available stones and timber are ideal for green buildings.

Parking and Security Features

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One of the most important facilities that prospective buyers look for in an apartment complex is the availability of car parking spaces. With the help of our team of Architect and Industrial Architecture Design Firms in Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India, we plan out spacious and hassle-free parking space at the ground stilt level or in the basement as needed and based on the square footage available. Further, installation of security cameras and dedicated accommodation for security personnel further adds value. We always consider all facilities and amenities needed for everyone and plan and design apartments to be intuitive, elegant and that stand out in a residential colony as a superior work of architecture.