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10 Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room

 Everyone fantasizes about living in a larger home.  But the majorities were unable to fulfill their dreams.  A larger house requires a lot of time and money to build.  Therefore, it is wise to create an illusion that will transform the current little living room into a huge Architecture Design Living Room.  You may use the opportunity to reflect on your creative abilities.  A lot of unique ideas are required for this process.

Many of you are wailing at life for not providing you with a better place to live.  I may argue, though, that you are ignorant of the real worth of your home.  Since the space is smaller, it is much simpler to decorate and make it appear larger than the larger one.

In order to meet your Interior Design Services, interior designers from Cibi+Simeon Designs, Architecture Design Company in Chennai, have compiled imaginative and lovely ideas of living room design. Your understanding of the worth of your modest living space may be aided by our advice and tactics.

1. Light colors may enhance the space:

By painting the walls a lighter or neutral color, you may feel as though your living room is longer and more elegant.  Lighter hues will make the area appear larger and create an illusion.

2. Use furniture with several uses:

The choice of furniture is crucial in this situation. In the market, there is furniture with many uses.  It may serve as both a sleeping sofa and a storage ottoman.  Some serve as office tables that can accommodate a laptop, books, and other items, as well as coffee tables.  This style of furniture will help create space by removing some of its parts whenever needed. The chosen furniture must have a leg or leave some room between it and the floor. In some cases, wall-mounted furniture that can be folded or removed after use is preferable.

3. Vertical Illusion Creation:

By positioning longer and vertically elongated book shelves, in built floor to ceiling shelves, and longer ornamental items, Our architects can trick viewer’s eyes into believing that we are looking at spacious areas.

4. Keep Things Simple:

Keep the space organized and free of clutter. A small place can appear more spacious with a simple design.

5. Usage of Area Rug:

It has become fashionable to use rugs in the home.  However, the decision to use rugs is important.   Area rugs are used to cover the bigger space in the room, either to increase comfort and use or to enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal.

6. Preferring Mirrored Windows and Doors:

Floor-to-ceiling mirrored windows are the best at giving the impression of more space. It improves the appearance of space by allowing more natural light to enter.  It would be beneficial if there were a garden in the outdoor area.  This would be the best living room interior design.

7. Go with wall-integrated Shelves:

If wall mounted or integrated shelves give us more space, why don’t we choose them? In comparison to individual shelves, wall-integrated shelves are preferable since they require less floor space.   Many Architects in Chennai prefer this kind of shelves in recent times.

8. Take Advantage of Alcoves:

If the home has alcoves, utilize the space by converting them into floating shelves.  This alcove area could also be used to build a seating area.

9. Play with Colors:

The correct color scheme could trick our eyes.  The house looks taller by painting the wall with a brighter color at the bottom and a lighter or neutral color at the top.  It will conceal the building’s terminus.

10. Choosing Right Designers:

   Above all, the most important factor is to choose right and qualified designers to do all the above said services. The knowledge on colors, creative ideas out of simple materials, product knowledge, etc are the factors to quantify while selecting designers.

Our qualified designers from Cibi+Simeon Designs, the Top Interior Designing Company in Chennai, know quality Architecture design for Living Room. We will work according to your demand and will reproduce your idea.  Our designers have bag full of tricks to make illusions of your need. Whatever be your query, we are here to give ready solutions. Contact us and live in your spacy area.

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